A session between Doctor Jarrod and the patient Jennefer Allery:

Doctor: “Good morning, Miss Allery. How’s the pain today?”

Jen: “Better… whatever that medication is seems to help.”

Doctor: “That’s good… but remember, we can’t keep you on that for the rest of your life. We’re going to need to find a solution to your body rejecting the corruption soon.”

Jen: “R-right…”

Doctor: “I spoke with your parents. They’d like to visit. I was thinking we’d have to set up a video call, but… your corruption seems stable enough that I don’t think it’s contagious. But I’d like a specialist to determine that before we do any in-person meetings.”

Jen: “Ah… m-my parents? They want to see me? B-but…!”

Doctor: “Don’t worry. I’ve shown them photos so they know what to expect. They’re still determined to see this through with you.”


Doctor: “You have good parents.”

Jen, choking back tears: “Y-yeah…”

Doctor: “Are you ready to try controlling it, again?”

Jen: “I-I dunno… it hurts a lot to try and move it…”

Doctor: “In your spine, still?”

Jen: “Yeah.”

Doctor: “I think you’re still straining too hard… don’t overthink it. Just… try to pretend your arm is still there. From the information we’ve gathered, it should behave like a part of your body once you’re used to it.”

Jen: “… I’d rather not have an arm…”

Doctor: “Pardon?”

Jen: “Can’t you just… cut it off…?”

Doctor: “…I’m sorry, but no.”

Jen: “Please…”

Doctor: “Miss Allery… it’s not just replaced your arm. It’s part of your nervous system, now. Even if it doesn’t look like it, it’s spread to much of your upper body. It’s even replaced your lungs and heart. It can’t be removed.”


Doctor: “Come on… try for me. You want to be presentable for your parents, right?”

Jen: “…Y-yeah. I’ll try.”

Doctor: “Just as we discussed… imagine it’s your arm. Don’t force it… just… move your arm.”

[A moment of silence, followed by squelching and cracking noises. Jen lets out pained groans and an occasional cry.]

Jen: “E-even… with the meds… it… it hurts…! S-so much…!”

Doctor: “Relax… it’s getting there. Take a deep breath. Work with it, don’t push against it.”

[Jen takes a moment to catch her breath before the noises continue. After some time, the noises stop, Jen panting audibly]

Jen: “I-I… I did it…”

Doctor: “Excellent! Great progress. Now try moving your fingers. How does it feel?”

Jen: “… It… doesn’t feel… like it should… like my arm’s still not there…”

Doctor: “Hmm… Probably because your body is still trying to reject it. The nerves aren’t bonding correctly. Same reason for your pain. Can you keep that shape?”

Jen: “… I think so…”

Doctor: “Great. I’ll let you rest. Lunch is on the way, so be sure to eat. Remember to hit your buzzer if you need anything.”

Jen: “Okay… and… th-thank you.”

Doctor’s notes:

Miss Allery seems to be improving as well as anyone could expect. But still, she desperately wants to get rid of the corruption. It’s understandable, but I think it’s part of why she experiences so much pain. Even if it’s only subconsciously, she is still trying to push the corruption out, not allowing it to properly bond with her.

When a cultist fuses with a flesh-beast of some kind, it’s done with consent. They admire the chaos of the corruption and want to become part of it. I’ve been informed that these individuals do not experience the sort of pain Miss Allery is describing. It seems that consent is a crucial part of the ritual. I wonder if the cultists knew that when they attempted this. I wonder what they had to gain from this.

I noticed the eye on Miss Allery’s shoulder watching her as she tried to manipulate it. It seems the corruption retains some amount of awareness of its surroundings.

I have a “specialist” scheduled to visit her shortly. Said “specialist” was… resistant at first, since we normally only deal with regular humanoids. But when I told her about the situation, she became… excited.

Strange person. But I guess we need strange people in this line of work…