(As written by a Terran researcher for the benefit of the Collective, received in trade)

So, slimes;

Deceptively clever things. Many leap to the conclusion that slimes are brainless and therefor simple, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Physically, their bodies are comprised of an amorphous, gelatinous mass. Inside rests a ‘core’ or a nucleus which acts as their ‘true self,’ so to speak. An individual can lose any amount of mass, so long as they retain enough to fully encompass their core. If the core dries out, or is fully separated from the main body, the creature eventually dies.

They come in many different types, usually determined by where their lineage is from, or what materials they were created from in the case of a synthetic or alchemic slime. Not only magical elements, such as magma or ice, but also ordinary components, such as toxic sludge. Apart from this, their composition is also influenced by their diet. Candy slimes exist. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Now then, at their most basic level, slimes are attracted to heat sources which they can engulf and consume. Usually this involves creatures smaller than themselves, but can include other things as well. Normally, they can consume any organic components, but a few have been noted to be able to consume and ‘convert’ non-organic materials. See: metal slimes.

Over time, though, some gain enough knowledge, intelligence, and experience to become more sapient. These are the slimes you see in cities or with monster clans. They often adopt a shape to match those around them (but not always), learn to speak, and don’t immediately attempt to engulf anything smaller than themselves. Their personalities vary wildly, seemingly dependent on those they spend their time around.

There are a few ways more slimes may be born. Typically, a slime will divide after a certain age and mass is accumulated. Their cores grow in size as they age, you see, and the core will divide after it reaches a critical size. It and their mass will split roughly in equal halves, with one ‘parent’ and one ‘child.’ The child will adopt part of their parents’ knowledge and personality, but will go on to become their own individual soon enough.

In magically-charged areas, slimes may be born ‘from scratch’ out of ambient mana and materials. This process is somewhat rare and requires fairly specific coincidences to occur, but it has been observed. Likewise, these conditions can be replicated in a lab to create synthetic slimes. These slimes are born with no knowledge or experience, and are quite wild.

In case you’re wondering, slimes are generally quite safe to touch. They only dissolve engulfed things when they intend to. Mostly. Usually. There are a handful of exceptions. Do not touch wild slimes. Ask intelligent ones before touching.

Additionally, also in case you were wondering, slime ooze is usually non-toxic. Most would not consider the consumption of slime ooze, however, except under unique circumstances. See: candy slime.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to send them along to me. I’ll add them as an addendum to this file.

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