Published On: December 4, 2023

4 thoughts on “13: Salad

  1. Oh, this was a really good chapter. The Cendarii hive mind being just a groupchat that Mar is constantly logged in to is in this really well-balanced spot where it’s comprehensible enough to instantly make sense but unique enough to communicate that she is, in fact, an alien with an alien mind.
    And then, of course, we get creepy red-text poster. And the Master System refusing to explain. I’ve gotta say, hearing you talk about Cendaran lore before the comic started, I did not expect Master to be so… characterized. And such an obviously suspicious little git.
    Did you have a meaning in mind for Mar’s batchmates’ usernames? Up ’til now, I’d been assuming that “Marael” was part of her batch name. Like how Maia’s real name is Espael and then a long individual serial number I don’t feel like looking up right now. But there’s no Ms in the groupchat…
    Mar having to reverse engineer how to use a fork from a vague text description is a good bit.

    1. Thank you! I’m really happy with how I’ve improved with this project.
      Good question about the names.
      I’m sure you’ve worked part of this out, but I’ll get detailed just in case:
      The displayed ‘usernames’ are just the sisters’ individual serial numbers. It’s broken up into Class – Generation – Individual format. So they’re all Priest – Generation D1 – [number]. So Mar is the 1938th Priest in Generation D1. Also I did just notice a typo in the first frame; they’re all supposed to start with P-D1.
      Each of them would have their own proper name to go along with that. I don’t have any picked out at the moment, which is one reason why I used their numbers here, but they would all have names that are unique among their batch at least.
      So Marael would be her name that she’s referred to in casual conversation, while the P-D1-1938 is her ID number that’s used by the ‘network’ to pick her out specifically.
      So there could be multiple Cendarii named Marael (though not within her own batch), but only one Marael P-D1-1938 (and only one P-D1-1938 at all, for that matter).
      In Maia’s case, she simply adopted a more Terran-esque nickname to fit in with Terrans better.
      Hope that clears it up for you~

      1. The naming system is similar to Star Trek Online: can have many “Captain James T. Kirk”s but they add the account name to help identify which one is which (plus you can have more than one character per account, so it’s easy to see which character is ‘active’) although it’s connected to Champions Online so you can see which game your friend is playing 🙂

  2. Found this from the Discord, looks good, hope to remember to keep reading 🙂

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