Entry: An audio recording from Doctor Alice’s first encounter with the patient named Jen:

Doctor: “Oh my word…”

[Silence. Alice clears her throat.]

Doctor: “Ah… let’s see… Miss Allery. Do you mind if I just call you Jen? I’m Doctor Jarrod. I’ll be.. ehm… tending to you.”


Doctor: “…How do you feel?”


Doctor: “Hrm… Nod your head if you can hear me.”


Doctor: “Patient is nodding her head. Okay. It seems like you can at least hear and understand me. Can you talk?”


Doctor: “Patient is shaking her head and grasping at her neck. Hm… Can you try for me, please?”

Jen, raspy and gurgling: “… h-huuurtsss….”

Doctor: “…yeah. I bet…”


Doctor: “… I don’t know how best to explain this to you… but… you’ve contracted a serious… condition. It… seems stable right now, but… you’ll need to go through extensive physical therapy… and… therapy…”

[Jen is now quietly crying.]

Doctor: “… You’ll be okay. I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

Jen: “M… mooommm…?”

Doctor: “Don’t worry. The Peacekeepers let us know who your family is; we’ll let them know the situation. I don’t think you’re fit to see any visitors right now, but once you are, we can set up a video call. And I’ll keep them up to date on your progress.”


Doctor: “I see a little smile. That’s good. Don’t worry. You’re in good hands.”

Doctor’s notes:

The patient, Jennefer Allery, is in a sorry state. She seemed to understand what I was telling her, though speaking was obviously very difficult for her. I imagine part of the corruption is blocking the inside of her throat somewhat. The bony protrusion jutting out from the base of her neck can’t be much help, either.

Something I noticed is that her eyes were totally blank, like she couldn’t see me at all. The eye in her corrupted shoulder, however, was keenly watching me the entire time. I’m unsure if the beast in her arm has retained some sense of awareness after the fusion or if she was watching me through her shoulder. I’ll have to run some tests. If they are indeed still separate on a psychological level, it could give us some complications. I imagine the two of them will be at odds with each other for some time.

I’ll keep an eye on her and continue to periodically check in on her. I plan on starting her on “physical therapy” once she’s more… aware of her surroundings.

I’ll also contact her family and let them know the news. Somehow, this is the part I dread the most…

Published On: January 26, 2024

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