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The Cendarii are a species of bioroid with unknown origins. Though they’re created today by an entity known as the Master System, we don’t know who created the System or why it was programmed to create the Cendarii. They’re generally pacifist in nature, but do have warrior units ready to defend the colony and expeditions if necessary.

They stand roughly one million in number, and have a singular major colony on a Mana-Wasted world called Cendaran, with many small outposts scattered throughout the cosmos.

Appearance #

Cendarii appear mostly human-like, but on average are shorter and more lithe. Every Cendarii individual has blue/green eyes and hair which glow gently, the light of which is difficult to detect in a well-lit environment but very visible in the dark. Their eyes have a single white ring around their iris. Their facial features and overall appearance are very similar (and sometimes identical) between individuals; though they tend to style their hair differently, making telling them apart a little bit easier on us Terrans.

There are two major body types, the Support and Warrior types. Support types stand roughly 135cm on average, while Warrior types stand closer to 165cm.

A Cendarii is rarely seen without their Lifesuit, which is considered a part of their being almost, as it links to the body to help regulate mana levels (more on this later.) Different ‘classes’ wear different types of suits, each suited specifically to the individual’s role in society. More often than not, though, the base layer of the suit acts as a second layer of skin, covering the full body from the toe to the collar latch. This helps reduce the amount of mana that is burnt off.

Society #

With no known exceptions, every Cendarii belongs to The Collective, a sort of pseudo hivemind which links every individual with the System (and therefor to each other). While individuals have their own personalities, wants, needs, goals, and motivations, they’re also directed by the System and have a predetermined role in their society.

This ‘network’ allows the Cendarii to share each other’s knowledge and experiences. New knowledge is not instantly distributed through the network, however; it must be requested. It should also be noted that even this is no substitute for actual training. An individual may be able to ‘watch’ another go through, for example, combat training, but without actual practice it won’t amount to much.

Being a collective, Cendarii believe in doing what they must to ensure the survival of the rest of the group.

The primary head of their society is the Master System (often simply called Master), which controls what types of Cendarii are produced, gives directions, and manages the overall workings of the colony.

The secondary head, however, is the High Priestess. From what we can tell, she’s more of a cultural leader who gives advice and guidance in a more ‘warm’ and comforting way than the cold, calculating System. According to Cendarii legend, she’s also a primary link to the divine, perhaps even having a door to the Deity of Cendaran Herself.

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